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Group Insurance (GaaI)

Industry first group-as-an-insurance platform.

Insurance Is Complex

We make it fun, interactive and easy on your pocket.

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Buy as a group and the process is completely transparent.

Forget everything you know about Insurance

This is the new insurance for the masses.

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Group Insurance

Invite your friends and family to be a part of this insurance revolution. Risks are not scary anymore.

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We pride ourselves on privacy and security. Your data is safe with us. We never sell your data to third party vendors.

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One Stop Solution

We have got a wide variety of products to serve the professional diversity on our platform.

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Live Deals

Get updates on all the latest deals in real time.

Personalised For You

Ranking of deals is based on your interaction & interests

Around Me

See all the best deals around you.


Multiple filters to make discovery easier.

Real-Time Resolution

Integrated Chat system to help you with the queries.


Wide range of invetory to suit your needs.


Decide where you spend your money.

Dynamic Pricing

The more the merrier, the fewer, the better fare.

Instant Claim Handling

We got you covered in case of emergency.

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